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Laboratory Equipment Repair
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Routine care of laboratory machinery is important to ensure the accuracy, reliability and accuracy of test results.

Why take care of laboratory equipment?

Here are some reasons why periodic calibration of laboratory machinery is necessary:
  • Ensure accuracy of test results: Periodic calibration of laboratory machinery ensures that the machines used for testing are operating correctly and giving accurate results. If the machines are not calibrated, the test results may be unreliable and may lead to erroneous decisions.
  • Ensure machine stability and reliability: Periodic calibration of machinery helps to ensure that machines are operating stably and reliably, minimizing breakdowns and repairs, increasing reliability and the lifespan of the devices.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards: Regulations and standards must be followed during testing. Periodic calibration of machinery helps to ensure that machines meet relevant regulatory and standard requirements.
  • Meet regulatory requirements: In some cases, legal regulations require machines to be calibrated periodically. Periodic calibration of machinery helps to meet these regulatory requirements.
In order to meet the above goals of customers, Dhplab provides care and calibration services for customers’ viscometers.

Equipment care services include:

Our care and calibration services will follow the following procedure:
  • Calibration: The process of checking and recalibrating equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly to specified specifications and standards.
  • Maintenance:  The process of inspecting, maintaining, and repairing equipment to ensure it is in good working order and to avoid problems.
  • Component replacement: Replace damaged or worn out components to keep equipment in good working order
  • Quality control: The process of checking the quality of products or services provided by equipment to ensure that they meet specified quality requirements and standards.
  • Training and technical support: Provide training and technical support to equipment users to ensure they use the equipment properly and efficiently.
  • Technical advice: Provide advice and answer technical questions about equipment.
  • Management consulting services: Provide management consulting services to help manage equipment more efficiently and reduce costs.
  • Warranty and replacement services: Provides warranty and component replacement services to ensure that equipment is used efficiently and meets quality and standard requirements.
Depending on the type of device and the customer’s needs, equipment care services may vary. However, the common purpose of these services is to ensure that equipment is in good working order, meets quality requirements and regulatory standards, reduces maintenance and repair costs, and increases efficiency. .

Working method:

To choose the method of device care, we offer options that suit the needs of our customers. Our options include:

Equipment care service at the factory – your office.

  • After receiving the request, we will discuss further with you by phone to verify the preliminary condition of the equipment.
  • Come to the customer’s factory to bring the equipment and ensure the replacement time as well as the equipment warranty period after care – repair.

Equipment care service at our company

  • With this option, after a preliminary check by phone, you will send the machine to our office.
  • We will make and return the device as well as commit to the terms of the warranty as agreed between the two parties.
Whenever customers need to choose equipment care service, please call us at HOTLINE: 0989234469 – 0912727978. We will quickly implement to bring the most satisfaction to customers. .
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